A tool for therapy businesses of any kind

Instant results

It only takes a few minutes to complete and instantly get results which enable you to grow your therapy business.

Universal applicability

From hypnotherapy to psychotherapy it's applicable across all therapy businesses, and is used worldwide.


You get bespoke feedback to each response, with recommendations and training suggestions.

The Therapy Business Journey is already proven

Are you looking to create success in your therapy business by learning the latest therapy skills to gain better results and create your very own niche market?

Or do you need to learn the secrets to building a successful practice, so that you can fulfill your passion and drive to help more people? Sheila Granger's rang of training packages are tailored to help you build your own business.

With licensed trainers in four countries, and distance learning options, you can enjoy a training class wherever you are in the world.

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Find your quickest route to success

The Therapy Business Journey is used by consultants worldwide to quickly assess business skills and their drive to succeed.

It's fast & easy to complete and only takes about 7 minutes to complete

You instantly get back a comprehensive 20-page PDF business report that is easy to understand. You can quickly see exactly what's working… and what needs fixing.

The Therapy Business Journey delivers totally bespoke feedback for GBP£149 - GUARANTEED.

Grow your therapy business today

The Therapy Business Journey is the tool you need improve your skills, enhance your business and accelerate your growth. Using the tools provided, whatever your market, you will be able to find the route to grow your therapy business.

  •   Bespoke PDF report
  •   Simple to use
  •   Accelerate growth
  •   Instant results
  •   Increase client base
  •   Proven track record
  •   Identifies needs
  •   Used Worldwide

Who is Sheila Granger?

Sheila Granger is an internationally renowned professional clinical hypnotherapist. Over recent years her much sought after expertise in the field of personal and professional transformation has changed thousands of lives for the better.

To the professional clinical hypnotherapist, Sheila Granger is the leading worldwide provider of professional training. Sheila Granger training programmes are current, creative, innovative, and above all evidence based, providing a solid framework that ensures yours and your clients success.

Unlike other training providers, we provide ongoing support, and the business and marketing knowledge to build your own very successful practice